Quality maintenance and repairs to all mechanical components.
The only trade qualified fitters and machinists in St George and surrounding area.

  • Specialised balancing of pump drives, pump impellers, mulchers, and all critical rotating machinery.
  • Specialised welding of all materials.
  • Hot and cold metal spraying. Guaranteed component integrity.
  • Large component capability.
  • Latest and best range of engineering machinery including 6 meter x 3,500kgs capable centre lathe with 1,000m swing and 2 meter capable vertical borer with 2,000m swing.
  • Lint cleaner saw rewrapping and balancing.
  • Onsite and In house brush, roller and fan balancing.
  • Fan reblading and hard facing using the latest materials and technologies.

We offer 6meter long x 850 diameter x 3.5 tonne machining capacity in our Ryzan lathe and 2.5 metre diameter and 2 metre high x 2.5 tonne machining capacity in our vertical borer.

We specialise in UTP and Castoline Eutectic metal spray technology which we use to repair bearing and seal areas without changing the structure of the material thereby guaranteeing against potential breaking.

We offer Dynamic Balancing using our Italian CEMB and US Dynamic Systems balancing machines.

We offer specialist hydraulic ram repairs including replacing rods, cylinders, pistons and glands. We also offer chrome repairs for damaged expensive rods and Clovis reclamation.


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